Ground Zero Run – 13 August 2017

2017 marks the 2nd year of collaboration between The Food Bank Singapore and Mercy Relief.

Held in observance of World Humanitarian Day, Mercy Relief’s Ground Zero Run challenges participants with the simulated experience of a survivor’s journey from ground zero – the disaster site – to collect urgent supplies needed in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Participants will take on a similar challenge as they carry a relief pack weighing 5-7kg.

Join us as we raise awareness for humanitarian relief efforts within the region, while benefiting families in Singapore. Pledge a $15 Ground Zero Bundle to support a family, of which $5 goes towards supporting Mercy Relief’s efforts.

Last year over 500 relief packs were distributed locally, help us increase this number and pledge yours today by clicking below!

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Project X-pired is back this year with an exciting twist!

Project X-pired was launched in 2012 with the aim to increase the awareness of food wastage in Singapore by collaborating with local artists to transform expired food into works of art.
The art pieces are showcased and auctioned off to the public to raise funds. This year’s theme is wearable fashion, and we are proud to have Tampines 1 as the venue sponsor for Project X-pired III on October 22 and 23.

The third iteration of Project X-pired remains rooted in FBSG’s main mission: To eliminate hunger and reduce food wastage by redistributing excess food to those in need.

In 2015 the National Environmental Agency reported that Singaporeans wasted 785,500 tonnes of food, but only 13% of these are recycled.

Simultaneously, 387,000 Singaporean families are unsure whether or not they will have food at every meal each day.

We invite you to join us for a weekend on 22 and 23 October at Tampines 1 to learn more about food wastage issues in Singapore and how you can be a part of this fun-fuelled jamboree! 

Register here now!

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Food Pantry CFO Bites

Hello Fellow Foodbankers,

It has been an exciting start to the year for The Food Bank Singapore.We are excited to share our latest initiative The Food Pantry located at 100 Sims Avenue.

Most of our donated items are well accepted and distributed to our 160 member beneficiary organisations. However, there are still about 10% of products that may be left on the shelf either due to the extremely short shelf life or due to some slight damages on the packaging.

Therefore, instead of throwing these items away which contributes to FOOD WASTE, we decided, why not give them a last shot at getting picked up by consumers who may have some use for the product.

All products at The Food Pantry regardless of size and brand will go for S$1.00. The money collected goes to covering our overheads at the pantry. This is more of a marketing campaign for us than it is a fund-raising campaign.

We are using the Food Pantry as a tool to convert consumers shopping habits and also to let them know that even close to expiry items can still be as good for consumption and should not be thrown before the due dates.

If we can start creating the acceptance of these goods, it will greatly help us in our campaign to reduce food wastage.

On top of this, we are hoping that the Food Pantry can also act as another drop off point for our food donations and for the underprivileged. It can also become an emergency Food Aid since we open from 10am – 10pm daily.

Mechanics are still being worked out on how we can get this program running.

We are very heartened by the 1st week of sales as many items have been wiped out quickly. We request for the public to be patient as we try to replenish the stocks on the shelves, keeping in mind that our priority is still to distribute all donations to those in need and only in dire situations do the items end up on the shelves in the pantry.

Once again we would like to thank everyone’s support!

Let The Feeding Begin!

Nichol Ng
Chief Food Officer
The Food Bank Singapore

FAQ on Food Pantry
  1. What are some examples and categories of items that The Food Pantry has offered in stores so far?
    Basically the products can range from noodles to canned goods to biscuits and sauces or anything that we get through donations but yet have too short a shelf life for re-distribution.
  2. How are the plans to sell fruits and vegetables going? What are some points for consideration in the planning?
    As we are still in the early stages of trial for the Pantry, we will definitely be keen to also feature perishable products like fruits and vegetables. But firstly, we need to test the market and see how’s the response to the $1 food pantry concept.If people are not adverse to consuming food with very short shelf life or some defects, we will definitely bring in perishables as well once we have enough fridges set up.
  3. Will there be plans to sell meat?
    Same with Fruits and Vegetables, only if we have proper storage and fridges in order to ensure that the quality is not compromised.
  4. Who are the people that are donating these items? What partner organisations are involved? Will you be looking into collaborating with supermarkets for donations to help reduce their food wastage?
    It is important to note that re-distributing the food for FREE to the underprivileged remains our main and key priority. It is only when certain foods are not well accepted by the beneficiaries or if the shelf life should be extremely short and also rejected by charities, then we will consider putting the food at The Food Pantry to give it a last shot at having a chance to be consumed. It is better than letting it  sit on the shelves, waiting to be disposed.Therefore, we do not actively seek for donors so that we have more food to sell but we continue to engage donors to ensure that we have more food for re-distribution to those in need. A lot of the food items found at the food pantry may be derived from corporate or school food drives where most items are in loose or single units of multiple brands. We will be delighted if Supermarkets and Large Food Companies can start engaging with us to find ways to reduce their food wastage instead of just tossing the foods. We have been very encouraged by the increased openness  for companies to donate their excess foods but there is definitely more that we can do.
  5. Who are the people buying these items? Some says that certain groups of people may "exploit" this initiative for cheap buys when they aren't from needy families. What does The Food Bank have to say about that?
    As we just started this Monday, we are still gauging the type of customers that comes to the food pantry. It’s important to note that we are trying to work out another scheme for the needy families to use the food pantry as an emergency food aid since we are opened daily till 10pm whilst most NGOs may only be opened on weekdays during office hours. The food will obviously be given free to these needy personnel. In fact if we do it right, we are allowing them to “shop” in a dignified manner as if they are a paying customer and they can select what they want. But details of the scehme is still being worked out.The aim of the Food Pantry was really change the consumers’ mindset about food and how we shop and hopefully reduce food wastage by giving the items with shorter shelf life and opportunity to be sold. if there are indeed consumers who do not mind the shorter shelf life or slight defects, we also welcome them to buy up these items. Again, I would like to emphahsise that these goods are left over from what we cannot distribute to those in need.
  6. When I got to the place yesterday, most of the items have been cleared out! What has been sold thus far?
    We were quite surprised that many people from around the Geylang Area came knocking on our doors even as the renovations were being done. We did not expect the Pantry concept to be so popular. A range of products from Instant Noodles to Canned foods has been sold thus far.
  7. What are some of the difficulties faced?
    It’s still early days  but one of the biggest difficulties that we face is explaining to people why we decided to start The Food Pantry and the concept behind it. It’s more of a marketing tool for us to raise awareness about reducing food wastage than it being a fund raiser. But we are happy to note that most people have been quite receptive towards the idea.No matter what difficulties and challenges we will face, we are going to tackle them head on as we know that we are trying to do something good here. Giving these foods a new lease of life before they end up in the incinerators.
  8. How does The Food Pantry change the way consumers shop?
    Usually items on the supermarket shelves are beautiful with longer shelf life and as consumers, we have the tendency to pick up the best with the longest shelf life regardless when we intend to consume or how fast we consume the prducts. At the Food Pantry we are actually adding some labels to conceal brands without compromising the product info to give all products a generic look. For example, all sardine will just be sardine without brands since they are all going to be sold at $1.00 and its just to drive the point across that whilst there may be some small quality difference between brands, when we are simply looking for a sardines, maybe any brand will do, especially if we are buying in larger volumes. It’s just to give all products and brands and equal opportunity to be tested by consumers at same prices. Secondly, it’s also to highlight that although this product has only 3weeks left, but you try it or intend to cook it within the next week or so, buying it and using it really is not an issue, the quality is similar to something with even longer shelf life. We are really hoping to change their shopping habits by educating them that if you intend to use the stuff tomorrow anyway, you don’t need something with 1 year shelf life, help to use up the products with shorter shelf life first before it ends up in the dumpsters.
  9. We understand that proceeds will be used to cover the overheads. Will it be sufficient? If it is not, what are some other means The Food Pantry can rely on to cover operating costs?
    The Food Pantry is an extension of the Food Bank Singapore and it is unlikely that the funds raised from the Pantry will be sufficient to cover our overheads. However, The Food Bank will still be actively raising funds through other means in order to ensure that all projects including The Food Pantry is sustainable in the long run.
Food Bank @ NTU


About Food Bank @ NTU

Did you know – Over the past decade, food waste in Singapore has risen by 50%! Food Bank @ NTU aims to mitigate this issue by collecting excess food from the NTU community, most of which would otherwise be wasted, and redistribute them to those in need via The Food Bank Singapore’s network of member beneficiaries. It also serves as a platform to allow NTU students and staff members to find out more about food wastage in Singapore and do their part.

How can you do your part?

We accept all types of non-perishable food items that are unopened, unused, and with at least 4 weeks of shelf life. Why bin your food if you can support a good cause with it? Simply bring your food items to these collection points situated within the NTU campus!


one stop
One Stop @ SAC, 50 Nanyang Avenue
hall 9 canteen
Hall 9 Canteen, 24 Nanyang Avenue
outside hall
Outside Hall 12 Function Room, 30 Nanyang Crescent
the hive
The Hive, 52 Nanyang Avenue

What are we looking out for?

These are some of the foods that are in greatest demand:

cooking oil
canned food

Want to do more?

Click the following link to find out how you can volunteer at our events!

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