Welcome to the Food Bank Singapore (FBSG). FBSG is the brainchild of brother-sister duo Nichol and Nicholas Ng, owners of a reputed Singapore based food distribution business, FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd. After observing the food industry for more than a decade – the increasing food prices and food wastage – they realised the need for a food bank in Singapore.

Founded in January 2012, FBSG began by first gathering grassroots data and conducting thorough research. We visited over 30 non-profit organisations and homes to gain a deeper insight into the situation on the ground. We researched the operating models of each organisation that provided free meals and dry rations to families in need. Armed with that knowledge, we conceptualised our program, and have since been working diligently towards our goal to end hunger in Singapore by 2025.



FBSG acquires donated food (much of which would otherwise be wasted) from farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, restaurants, consumers, and other sources; and makes it available to those in need via a network of member beneficiaries. These member beneficiaries include various types of homes, family service centres, soup kitchens, and other Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs).

The Food Bank Singapore was given charity status in August 2012 (Co. Reg No: 201200654E) and IPC status in May 2015. FBSG is a registered member of The Global Foodbanking Network.



To End Food Insecurity in All Forms in Singapore.


Our vision is to be the prevailing centralized coordinating organization for all food donations and to play a key role in the reduction of food wastage and food insecurity.

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