What is food insecurity?

Food Insecurity is the state of being unable to afford sufficient quantity of affordable or nutritious food.


“Food is a basic human right. In a first world country like Singapore, no one should be deprived of the ability to feed themselves.” Nichol Ng, Co-Founder of The Food Bank Singapore.

With no poverty line and minimum wage in Singapore, it can be challenging to measure and identify people who struggle to make ends meet and require the most basic needs like food and shelter.


In 2018, Lien Centre published a report “Hunger in a Food Lover’s Paradise” (https://lcsi.smu.edu.sg/research/understanding-food-insecurity-singapore) that provided a deeper understanding of the food insecurity situation in Singapore.

Through interviews with food support organisations and households, this study provides insights on questions such as:

  • Who among Singaporeans is experiencing food insecurity
  • How are the existing food support systems meeting these needs
  • What are the gaps in service provision

The report also makes recommendations on how these gaps might be filled for a smoother and targeted food support distribution system.
In 2019, The Food Bank Singapore decided to probe deeper into the topic of food insecurity.

This nationally representative study concluded that about 10% of Singaporean households experienced food insecurity at least once in the last 12 months. Being food insecure can also be associated to having negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health.

Read more on these issues in the report here.

Take Action today to end food insecurity by feeding a household in need!

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