Based on our research and feedback from many social workers, current measures of cooked meals provided by other food charities are unable to support beneficiaries at large. Food provided is mostly of sub-quality or low nutritional value.

The Food Bank Singapore will be setting up our very first central kitchen innovation hub in 2021. Cooked food will be reconstructed and frozen, then dispensed via our vending machines, enabling beneficiaries to redeem a hot meal any time of the day.

This increases the accessibility and variety of food for beneficiaries who work on shift. More food can be salvaged with the usage of blast freezers to extend the shelf life of donations.

The central kitchen will be able to churn out up to 3,000 cooked meals, seven days a week. A food nutritionist and food safety consultant will assist in curating the menu of cooked meals to ensure nutrition level and quality of food.

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